Aesthetic Nourishment: Aliveness Within an Arts-Community-Based Therapeutic Practice 2020

Aesthetic Nourishment: Aliveness Within an Arts-Community-Based Therapeutic Practice with Lucia de Urioste Bejarano, MA
Aesthetic nourishment is an invitation to explore between our experiences as aesthetic beings in the world and its connection to the therapeutic work with clients who have experienced or are experiencing high risk and/or traumatic situations. Building upon this relationship the notion of “helping others” is explored and challenged, shifting the conversation to therapeutic relationships that allows co-existence and collaborative presence. This session is an invitation to discuss, notice, generate and encourage aesthetic nourishment within the everyday work, through a preventative, collaborative and communal approach: understanding aesthetic nourishment as a generative possibility in maintaining aliveness and sustainability in the work. This session is intended for instructors, students, counselors and any other professional interested in exploring the nourishment and sustainability in their work within an aesthetic lens.

Worker Track
Friday, March 27, 2020
2:30 – 6PM
3 CEs
Room 213
Presentation #76

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