Create to Mediate, Utilizing the Arts to Mediate Conflict 2020

Create to Mediate, Utilizing the Arts to Mediate Conflict with Sasha Georgeson, MA
“Conflict is experienced in all aspects of life; t is an inherent part of the human
experience. However, if conflict is approached with a competitive mind set it can be feared because the only possible outcome is winning or losing. This workshop will explore how Expressive Arts can be a mediating force in resolving conflict. Through lecture, role play and hands on experience, participants will learn how to create an environment in which there are an infinite amount of possibilities for an outcome. This experiential workshop is intended for anyone who would like to improve their mediation skills, supervisors, therapists, interns, teachers, students, employers and employees. Also, for those who want to improve interpersonal relationships or feel more comfortable around strong emotions and differing points of view. Expressive Art Therapy is a means which allows an individual to express and reexamine his or her thoughts, feelings, perceptions and beliefs surrounding a conflict; it is a means which brings someone out of a competitive mindset and into an interpersonal process. In this workshop, you will learn simple and effective techniques which allows for parties to safely express emotions, reflect on their own beliefs and behavioral patterns and empathize with different points of view. Participants will learn a new skill set which can be used professionally and personally in everyday life.

About Sasha Georgsson
Sasha Georgsson M.A. Associate Marriage Family therapist, art and expressive art therapist and artist specializes in supporting clients in developing an inner sense of power. Sasha currently provides counseling at the Rape Trauma Services in Burlington California. She is also a mediator at Community Boards in San Francisco and Seeds Community Resolution Center in Berkeley California and has trained in restorative justice practices in the San Quentin prison. Her clinical experience includes working at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center where she provided expressive art therapy in medical groups, the hospital, homeless shelters, group homes and the psychiatric hospital. Prior to this, Sasha worked with youth with severe behavioral challenges and developmental disabilities at Oakes Children’s Center in San Francisco and with adolescents and adults in recovery. Sasha utilizes movement, drawing, painting, puppetry, photography, collage, drama, sculpture, jewelry making, play therapy, writing, meditation, poetry, music, sand tray, video and eco-therapy in her sessions. Additionally, Sasha has facilitated several professional workshops and trainings in expressive art therapy to medical staff at Contra Costa Regional Center. Sasha is a blackbelt and teacher in the Japanese art form Aikido which focuses on peaceful reconciliation and she brings these skills into her professional work.

Queen Track
Friday, March 27, 2020
11AM – 12:30PM
1.5 CEs
Room 203
Presentation #74

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