Dancing Bee-tween the Lines of Wellness and Burnout 2020

Dancing Bee-tween the Lines of Wellness and Burnout with Darlene Masse Wurster, MSW
Intended Audience:
All levels of professionals in the helping profession

Community Based Intervention:

What we think we know about where and how we work is an incomplete story. When overworked and feeling unsupported by systems that lack the capacity to care for their workers one can become disconnected to the reality of the toll that is being experienced. This can and does lead to burn out and staff resources being negatively impacted. Mental health stigma and discrimination remain the strongest barriers to receiving professional help as well as lack of money needed for counseling costs. Utilizing dance as a therapeutic tool is a unique and creative approach to counselling, that is often more affordable than traditional forms of counselling, and that has profound positive effects, when high ethical standards are put in place.
Creating a community of passionate helpers that are free to connect with their current state of mind and body provides the framework for the workshop. Building a culture of front line professionals that address the need for self-care awareness and move towards a culture of supporting those who are struggling. A healthy evolving society must give people who may require psychological intervention or help a chance for quality care, and/or support to leave pain and suffering behind.
The workshop will begin with each participant warming up their imagination through movement to a drum beating in a large circle. Each person has an opportunity to drum and everyone has an opportunity to move/dance. The participants will then form groups of two where one person moves/dances and the other person witnesses, while facilitators utilize knowledge from Dance Movement Therapy.
After the movement/dance the dancer will say a word to crystallize what they have experienced. The witness will write the word that comes from the dancer. Each pair will have an opportunity to move/dance. The second dance will move into what life could be like if the mind and body were able to receive what it needs. The possibility of what life could be like is explored through movement. A word is provided by each dance. A transitional dance from one to the other is the final stage of bringing awareness and cultivating a transformed piece and with it the potential for change. A word is provided by each dancer. A poem is written using the words to create a new story.

Scout Track

Saturday, March 28, 2020

11AM – 12:30PM (90 minutes)

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