Dancing Bee-tween the Lines of Wellness and Burnout 2020

Dancing Bee-tween the Lines of Wellness and Burnout with Darlene Masse Wurster, Certified Expressive Arts Therapist, BSW, RSW

Intended Audience:

All levels of professionals that work within the helping profession
Community Based Intervention

What we think we know about our work lives can be an incomplete story. When feeling overwhelmed by work life balance and a lack of adequate support within work environments, one can become disconnected. This reality can lead to burn out, with staff resources being negatively impacted. Mental health stigma and discrimination remain the strongest barriers to receiving professional help as well as lack of resources. Utilizing expressive arts therapy as an experiential therapeutic tool is a creative approach to counselling that has the potential for profound positive effects.

Building a culture of awareness for front-line professionals that address the need for self-care as well as supporting those within the workplace who are struggling is emphasized. This workshop will focus on creating a community of passionate helpers that are free to connect with their current state of mind, body and spirit. Through music, movement, art and writing the participants will be guided through a process where they connect with the patterns, habits and choices they make and move towards what they identify as what is needed. A transitional piece will be their gift offering to themselves and their community.

Scout Track
Saturday, March 28, 2020
11AM – 12:30PM
1.5 CEs
Room 107
Presentation #94

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