Returning to the Nest: What Rises Now? Assemblage, Narrative and Process Part 2 2020

Returning to the Nest: What Rises Now? Assemblage, Narrative and Process Part 2 with Amy Morrison, Ph.D., Krystal Demaine, & Patricia Rojas-Zambrano
This multimodal workshop is a continuation of the previous conference offering and invites participants to work with environmentally friendly assemblage and response writing, and provides opportunities for both individual and group work. We will focus on peeling back the layers through artistic engagement and authentic listening to welcome a rising message. This message may be a continuation from last year’s conference or one that is new and emerging. As a means of finding organization and clarity through assemblage and creative writing, participants will experience a collaborative narrative. Facilitators will offer their own experiences as well as present history relevant to creative arts practice. Participants will leave with knowledge of assemblage, organization and creative arts practice as well as personal and collective meaning from workshop experientials. This workshop is an evolution and builds upon experiences and learning from previous offerings, however previous attendance is not required.

Each presenter has experience with utilizing found objects and assemblage in layered multimodal experiences in personal, artistic, professional, clinical, educational, and advocacy domains. The presenters will share their process of assemblage, art making and meaningful action. The ritual and process of gathering and arranging objects for inner organization and being in the present moment will be discussed and explored. As an individual and cultural practice the bringing together of things, arranging and redirecting creates an interactive process that invites an experience to unfold (Camic, Brooker, & Neal, 2011). Within this unfolding is an opportunity for mindfulness in which one can experience a profound listening to what emerges, an awakening, a rising of that which refuses to be left unexamined. Participants will be encouraged to be with “the interior world of our own thoughts” (Kabat-Zinn, 2005) as they engage in gathering and assembling objects. After gathering, working with our hands, and visually documenting the constructions, participants will be led in a reflective practice. This experience can also be described as pausing where one has a moment that acknowledges a shift in time, interrupting routine and bringing a “purpose, clarity, wholeness” (Stanley, 2012). It is this rising of clarity that we will continue to explore with creative writing.

Writing allows an opportunity for reflecting on the visual representation and the message that may have emerged. Sharing the writing with a small group will expel the process for a deeper reflection of understanding, deepening the layers of awareness, and peeling back toward a clearing space, to reveal the heart of the matter. Once all of the layers are peeled back, and supported, the larger group will reconvene, for a creative reading of collected words, immersed in the understanding of process and expressive arts, that we are important in this community, rising together.

Hive Track
Friday, March 27, 2020
2:30 – 6PM
3 CEs
Room 107
Presentation #21

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