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With enthusiastic Ottawa “Spirit,” Ottawa University, Phoenix campus graciously extends a welcome invitation to expressive arts therapists, art therapists, artists, mental health professionals, students and community.  Ottawa University will be the host for the 2020 IEATA Conference, March 26 through March 29, 2020.

IDEAT beeOur theme for this conference is the bee which symbolizes community, brightness and personal power.  The bee is the symbol of harmony, teamwork and open communication.  Bees remind us to focus on the nurturing of our families, community and support groups.  Bees are ceaseless in productivity.  They are a symbol of strength, busy creating harmony in our world.

The focus of this conference is the celebration of the harmonious interconnectivity of creativity, beauty and healing of mind, body and spirit, in all its wondrous forms: music, visual arts, poetry and writing, dance/movement, rhythm and play.

The goal of this conference is to provide all in attendance the opportunity to choose your “Bee-attitude,” cognitive, emotional, behavioral, perceptual, symbolic, and spiritual, and enjoy the uplifting, unlimited and unbelievable healing possibilities of the creative process for ourselves and our clients.

Creativity is our investment in the beauty of life.” 

— Dr. Stephen Birchak, 2020 Plenary Speaker

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IEATA® is a non-profit, international network dedicated to bringing the arts into the world for growth, healing, communication, and collaborative learning. IEATA® provides a professional guild and an international network, builds and sustains a worldwide community, and offers an open forum for dialogue.
Visit our website and explore its wealth of information about our association and activities. Join IEATA® or renew your membership online. One of IEATA’s key missions is to promote professional excellence and ethical standards of practice in the field of expressive arts. To this end, IEATA® has established two credentials, the Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT)® and the Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator (REACE)®. These practitioners are guided by an established professional code of ethics; the values and goals that help define our work as a professional community.
IEATA® seeks to increase recognition of the use of the expressive arts as powerful tools for psycho-social, physical, and spiritual wellness. IEATA® engages artists, educators, therapists, and facilitators in all aspects of expressive arts practices. We seek to build and sustain a worldwide community providing a professional, international network for bringing the arts into the world for growth, healing, communication, and collaborative learning. The evolution and revolution of expressive arts therapy.


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