The upcoming 13th Biennial IEATA Conference will be held in Berkeley, California. The San Francisco Bay area is a historically diverse metropolitan hub that has a reputation for supporting change-makers and social justice movements that address issues which impact the quality of life for its most vulnerable citizens and ecosystem.

Rise Up is a call-to-action for us in the expressive arts field to build bridges and strengthen our collaborative efforts across race, culture, nationality, citizenship status, sexual orientation, abilities, and gender to hold the collective’s longing for wholeness. This conference will ask us to explore intersectionality—to acknowledge that injustice can exist on multiple levels for many people and that shared oppression does not mean shared life experiences.

Rise Up: The Evolution and Revolution of Expressive Arts highlights and supports the work of diverse practitioners in the field whether they are Expressive Arts therapists, consultants, teachers or community advocates. Pre-conference days will feature opportunities to explore expressive arts as a cross-cultural practice, as well as workshops that focus on community building using creative arts applications.

The conference will feature expert keynote presenters, collaborative panels and various plenary workshops highlighting developing knowledge in the area, outstanding initiatives, and innovative programming. This conference will be of particular interest to therapists, teachers, artists, social workers, psychologists, social service agency workers, politicians, social justice advocates, and anyone interested in creating a more ethical, healthy and socially conscious community.

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IEATA® is a non-profit, international network dedicated to bringing the arts into the world for growth, healing, communication, and collaborative learning. IEATA® provides a professional guild and an international network, builds and sustains a worldwide community, and offers an open forum for dialogue.
Visit our website and explore its wealth of information about our association and activities. Join IEATA® or renew your membership online. One of IEATA’s key missions is to promote professional excellence and ethical standards of practice in the field of expressive arts. To this end, IEATA® has established two credentials, the Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT)® and the Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator (REACE)®. These practitioners are guided by an established professional code of ethics; the values and goals that help define our work as a professional community.
IEATA® seeks to increase recognition of the use of the expressive arts as powerful tools for psycho-social, physical, and spiritual wellness. IEATA® engages artists, educators, therapists, and facilitators in all aspects of expressive arts practices. We seek to build and sustain a worldwide community providing a professional, international network for bringing the arts into the world for growth, healing, communication, and collaborative learning. The evolution and revolution of expressive arts therapy.


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