Self-Care InterPlay Tools for Therapists and Clients Who Work Too Hard 2020

Self-Care InterPlay Tools for Therapists and Clients Who Work Too Hard with Sheila K Collins, Ph.D. & Christine Gautreaux
These are tough times and even doing what we love can injure us. The resulting burn-out or “compassion fatigue” can interfere with our professional effectiveness. Get some help in “lightening up” and become a “recovering serious person” under the guidance of master InterPlay teachers and dancing social workers, Sheila K Collins, PhD and Christine Gautreaux, LMSW. The two have written a best selling book, Stillpoint: A Playbook for Caregivers to Find Ease, Time to Breathe and Reclaim Joy. Their book highlights InterPlay and other somatic approaches as tools for self-care, especially for those caring and serving others.

This 90-minute workshop will explore the self-care tools of InterPlay, an active creative approach to unlocking the wisdom of the body. Based in dance, this 30-year old expressive arts modality was created by Cynthia Winton Henry and Phil Porter and is now used in schools, prisons, churches, and health-care settings, creating connections between people of all ages and addressing issues of equity and social justice in 60 cities in the US and on 5 continents.

Participants will:

1) Use InterPlay tools to identify and share the challenges of their work life.
2) Explore artful, playful practices to let go of stress and identify what’s likely to bring them grace.
3) Share and compile things to do to take care of themselves when they have only a minute, or 15 minutes, or ½ a day.
4) Take away 3 personalized somatic movements and mantras to use in their own practice of self-care and self-compassion.
5) Take away 3 introductory InterPlay tools to use with clients for their own self-care.

Scout Track
Friday, March 27, 2020
2:30 – 4PM
1.5 CEs
Room 104
Presentation #37

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