Creating Balance Through Rhythm and Flow — A Drumming Celebration 2020

Creating Balance Through Rhythm and Flow — A Drumming Celebration with Ejimofor Jumoke Farrow, MAPC, BHT

At a glance

The concept of balance requires constant synergy of mind, body and spirit. As one becomes more aware and conscious of energetic systems, one can begin to identify rhythmic correlations, influencing one’s surroundings. Therefore, creating becomes empowering and empowerment can positively impact the world around us.

Experience has shown us that Expressive Arts has fingerprints in painting, sculpting, drawing, theatrics, music and more. All forms of art used as a healing modality for exploration and self-discovery can become transformative. Inasmuch, part of my personal journey is to help inspire others, offer alternative perspectives and walk alongside others through creative processes. For example, something that Keith Johnson created, who happens to be one of my mentors, as I was lucky enough to be a part of, was the creation of an amazing rain forest.  Here, the intent is to bridge a rain forest experiential while allowing participants to take part in the creation process. The objective is to enable participants to create transformative sounds of a rain forest environment while acknowledging self-expression through therapeutic arts.

Creating a virtual symphony with different instruments and sounds is invigorating, uplifting and inspiring.  Creating rain sticks and drumming will be part of the process. Stepping into rhythm and recognizing how challenged someone else’s perspective can be with a simple exercise of hands and feet.  Stepping in one rhythm and clapping with another can be very challenging. It can be tough to coordinate mind and body if one has little to no experience with polyrhythm. Recognizing and identifying how challenging it could be from someone else’s perspective, through this simple exercise, can prove transformative for the helping professional.

Traditional African cultures, among others, live, work and play within a polyrhythmic framework that enables one to access and organize mind, body, and spirit along with different parts of the brain to collaborate simultaneously. Communicating on that level, in sync with one another can prove quite challenging if one is not accustomed or practiced. While recognizing technological advances have become entrenched within daily functioning, though, GPS and automatic dialing, memorizing numbers or paying attention to landmarks are no longer required. Mindfulness becomes a valued practice to use it before we lose it.

While creating the idea of FLOW, one can visualize movement and progress. Identifying challenged areas of one’s life, maybe additionally valuable toward recognizing where the disconnect or possible dissonant values are rooted. An important part of the person-centered theory is cultivation of the therapeutic environment, the fulfillment of personal potentials, which include sociability, the need to be with others and a desire to know and be known by others. This approach also includes being open to experience, being trusting and trustworthy, being curious about the world, as well as, being creative and compassionate. Working as a person-centered therapist, reliance is rooted in the personal qualities of the therapist to shape a non-judgmental and empathetic relationship.

Creating a modality that encourages and inspires FLOW can be an essential objective toward recognizing balance within a therapeutic relationship. FLOW is not internal or external, it is simply, being. FLOW insinuates synchronicity of many things occurring simultaneously. Many things happening toward the benefit of one ultimate purpose… harmony. FLOW within this centralized construct is defined as the fertile light occurring within.

F-fertile – Feel the space for growth – feed the need and seeds for understanding
L-light – Turn on your light.  -Release the weight and feel lighter.
O-occurring – Right now -It’s happening in the now-Motion is moving and energized.
W-within-  Enabled elevation, graduation, and enlightenment that feels just right.

Flow creates rhythm, and from an artistic perspective, rhythm can be viewed as a harmonious sequence of colors or artistic elements. Defining rhythm from a person-centered perspective is just as valuable toward recognizing how that rhythm might positively affect a therapeutic alliance. My recent experience within the helping professions has revealed significant value in therapeutic alliance, the collaborative bond between therapist and client. This bond often serves as one of the most powerful factors within the process of emotional and psychological healing.

Drumming Experiential

Writer will take audience through process of creating several musical instruments and identifying various remarkable sounds. Audience will take part in learning rhythms toward creation of a magical rain forest with instruments provided by presenter. Audience and presenter will additionally participate in follow-up questions.

Worker Track
Sunday, March 29, 2020
9 – 10:30AM
1.5 CEs
Room 208
Presentation #111

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