Panel Discussion with Global Expressive Arts Movers and Shakers 2020

Panel Discussion with Global Expressive Arts Movers and Shakers with Anin Utigaard, MFT, REAT (90 min)
Those of us who can facilitate the healing of the grief, anger, and sense of hopelessness that exist today are called to help humanity recover joy, creativity, and a sense of personal empowerment within community. ~ Natalie Rogers

As individuals become more peaceful inwardly the world benefits. There is a new paradigm evolving: that we are all part of a vast web of connectedness. The qualities of inner peace spread out like radio waves through this web. This is particularly true if as individuals or groups we hold the intention for world peace. ~ Natalie Rogers

In this first-ever IEATA Global Panel Discussion, individuals who are offering expressive arts in their own countries will share and discuss how they’re using the arts in their own communities, what populations they work with and how they believe expressive arts is transforming or altering their communities. Come get to know and hear from those working internationally. Each speaker will have a chance to share a bit about their work and then answer questions or inquiries from the audience.

As one of the founders of IEATA in 1994, it will truly be an honor to moderate and share with the conference attendees just how our work has spread and hear from the inspiring speakers as they share their stories, illustrating the incredible dedication and work that people are doing all over the world. As we know and believe, this work is transforming and this panel will be a testimony to that.

Confirmed Panelists so far include

  • Yousef Alajarma, representing Palestine;
  • Bonface Beti, representing Kenya;
  • Dr. Azizah binti Abdullah, representing Malaysia;
  • Manju Jain, representing India;
  • Vered Zur, representing Ireland;
  • Dominic Paguio;
  • Grace Brillantes-Evangelista, representing Philippines;
  • Avantika Malhautra, representing India; and
  • Vince Chan and Meko Ng, representing Hong Kong.

Queen Track
Sunday, March 29, 2020
9 – 10:30AM
1.5 CEs
Room 201
Presentation #85

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