Opening to the Extraordinary 2020

Opening to the Extraordinary with Mukti Khanna, Ph.D.
The fusion of person centered expressive arts therapies with the energetic matrix of the extraordinary vessels from Chinese Medicine can open one to profound states of well-being, heightened creativity, intuitive perception and healing. Diverse cultures have expressed healing and joy through art, music, dance and theatre throughout history. Systems of energetic mapping of the mind- body have also existed across cultures for thousands of years. This session will focus on how intentionally working to open and balance the extraordinary vessels with person centered expressive arts can facilitate embodiment of the core conditions of empathy, congruence and positive regard in the practitioner and for clients, as well as cultivating reservoirs of creative potential and possibilities.

Work with the extraordinary vessels can be dates back to the “Nei Jing” The Yellow Emperor’s Classic by Ling Shu ( 500- 400 BC). When the extraordinary vessels are working at their optimum level, they from a self –regulating system of energy channels through which the body/mind/spirit can continually heal itself. This energetic matrix provides a template from which the practitioner can more fully and continuously embody the person-centered core conditions of empathy, congruence and positive regard. Integrating harmonization of the extraordinary vessels with the healing power of person -centered arts can help to regulate the subtle flow of energies underlying the nervous system that can lead to deeper changes when healing ego states through time and historical trauma. Integrating extraordinary vessel cultivation with person centered expressive arts can open a soulful level of artistry to birth creative solutions from a flow state of being and balance compassion fatigue. Skillful cultivation of energy in the extraordinary vessels through sound, color and movement can maintain energy balance in the entire body -mind-spirit and open one to expanded states of creativity, consciousness and healing . This session is for therapists, educators, community workers and students.

Scout Track
Friday, March 27, 2020
2:30 – 6PM
3 CEs
Room 212
Presentation #80

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