Grief Circle: A Healing Community Ritual 2020

Grief Circle: A Healing Community Ritual with Amy Swart, MA & Carol Colmenero
This grief workshop is appropriate for this year’s IEATA theme as it relates to the importance of grieving in the “hive” of community and allowing the arts in its many forms to facilitate the grieving process. So many of us lack a place to grieve, not only as individuals, but as a collective whole. We have been taught to save face, hide our emotions, run away from “negative” emotions such as grief, sadness, and loss, and stuff our feelings around death and loss. Learning how to grieve means trusting that on the other side of the grief coin is love, a salve to heal the isolationism and dividedness within ourselves, our interpersonal relationships, and in the current trend we are taking as a global society.

In this workshop, participants will engage in guided movement, breathing techniques, creative expression tools, and sound exercises to learn to manage the heavy emotions of loss. Together we will dip into a sound bath while doing gentle yoga and movement to ease the grieving heart and explore creative ways to contact, express and move through grief both individually and as a group. We will come together in a circle of non-judgment and respect as we uniquely and authentically honor loss in its many shapes and forms. By gathering in community, we can make space for ourselves and each other to process and transform our individual grief, together.

We would be honored to share this very special grief ritual to the IEATA community as an act of compassionate activism to bring grief out into the open in a safe and healing way.

Hive Track
Sunday, March 29, 2020
9AM – 12:30PM
3 CEs
Room 108
Presentation #46

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