Felt Sense into Form Through Touch Drawing 2020

The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and Ottawa University proudly welcome Touch Drawing founder Deborah Koff-Chapin, BFA.

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DeborahKoffChapinDeborah Koff-Chapin, BFA, is founding director of the Center for Touch Drawing. She has been practicing and teaching since originating it in 1974. Deborah is creator of SoulCards and author of, Drawing Out Your Soul, and, The Touch Drawing Facilitator Workbook. She has served as Interpretive Artist at numerous conferences including The Parliament of the World’s Religions. Deborah is co-founder of an ongoing Long Dance Circle, and offers semi-monthly Song Baths in her community. She has served on the board of IEATA. For more information about Deborah or Touch Drawing, visit her website.

Felt Sense into Form Through Touch Drawing with Deborah Koff-Chapin, BFA

touchdrawingThis experiential workshop offers an introduction to a simple yet profound process. By moving your fingertips on a sheet of paper that has been placed over a surface of paint, an imprint is transferred to the underside. The experience of drawing with the fingertips allows for deeply natural expression. Multiple drawings are created in quick succession, reflecting the inner transformative process. After the series is complete; you will witness and integrate your full series of drawing through writing and movement. Deborah holds space for your interior journey with drumming, crystal bowls and vocal tones.  Group discussion will focus on how Touch Drawing can be applied in a broad range of therapeutic, creative and educational settings.

Information for participants: Please bring an old shirt or smock and a writing journal. To make best use of our time, we will not have a full lunch break. Food trucks with a variety of food choices will be available at the conference during lunch time.

Materials Fee: $15 (payable at time of registration)

Worker Track
Saturday, March 28, 2020
9AM – 6PM (all day session)
6 CEs
Room 102 (Art Room)
Presentation #113

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