Arts Inspired Brain Change: Cultivating Neuro-Connections for Opening Possibilities 2020

Arts Inspired Brain Change: Cultivating Neuro-Connections for Opening Possibilities with Lynn Miller, MA & Sue Mistretta
This experiential presentation, appropriate for all members of the conference community, will provide tools for nervous system regulation and brain change through an arts based approach, of the “Polyvagal Theory” (Porges, 2009). This integrative approach to trauma work is beneficial for working with others as well as ones own self-awareness. Grounded in extensive research and application, this model offers practical “in the present moment” mindfulness tools to learn how to tune in and listen to the nervous system as communicated through internal somatic cues. Participants will be encouraged to notice their own direct experiences of physiological responses and psycho-spiritual awareness through deep listening.
The SpiritArts 4-part process for flow (Miller, 2017) will be explored through breath-body-heart and deep listening.

Skills to change the brain through re-patterning the nervous system will be guided by multi modal explorations using vocal sound, movement, stillness, visual arts, journaling, and Music & Imagery. These tools will be used to engage and tone the ventral vagal system, which creates safety, curiosity and connection. Though expressive arts processes, we will map the 3 states of our autonomic nervous system (Dana, 2018) and learn methods of regulating and integrating our fears, doubts, and blocks. We will touch on situations of nervous system arousal & collapse (dys-regulation) and learn sound ways of calming and finding safety (regulation) within and resource experiences of connection.
The Polyvagal model is a remarkable way to understand ourselves through our neurobiology. The ventral vagal state creates compassion within ourselves and toward others. Through compassion, safety, and support from others we can tap into our unlimited potential, open to the possibilities and Be Our Greatness.
Sue and Lynn have been co-facilitating Expressive Arts workshops for the past 20 years!


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Drone Track
Saturday, March 28, 2020
9AM – 12:30PM
3 CEs
Room 208
Presentation #24

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