Bee-attitudes for Bee-ing a Healer 2020

Bee-attitudes for Bee-ing a Healer with Reverend John Holzhüter, ClinPsyD, DDiv
Even the tiniest of creatures, like the bee, have a place in Creation as teachers about how we are supposed to live and work.  Symbolically, this tiny insect’s wisdom ensures our physical, emotional and spiritual health.  They live in colonies (or families) and although they are cold blooded, they heat their hives to about the same temperature as a human being, working together in community, staying focused on whatever they are doing, and they do not get sidetracked from their goal.

As healers, how do we use our skills and talents to help humanity and make personal contributions to change the world for the better?  Sometimes, we need help with pollinating new ideas; developing a “flight pattern” for both ourselves and those with whom we work.  What attitudes do we need when shouldering too heavy of burdens and we lose our direction?

In this interactive lecture, join Rev. Dr. Holzhüter, in creating the “Bee-attitudes” required to be a true healer.  Becoming a “beekeeper” requires watching, listening, learning, and contemplating, and from the bee we can learn the mystery and peace of being of service to another.

Hive Track
Saturday, March 28, 2020
11 AM – 12:30PM
1.5 CEs
Room 110
Presentation #112
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