Finding a Sense of Place When Everything Falls Apart 2020

Finding a Sense of Place When Everything Falls Apart with Co Carew, Ph.D. & Devon Govoni, LMHC, ATR
Join Co Carew, PhD, and Devon Govoni, Doctoral Candidate, as they discuss their work on how to regain a sense of internal equilibrium through an arts-based approach. Two paradigms arose in Carew’s and Govoni’s doctoral research that attempts to help find meaning of troubling experiences. Co will discuss the Indigenous, arts-based research project, the ‘Moccasin Project: understanding a sense of place through art-making and storytelling’ (Carew, 2018). The findings included the following: a) contextualized a “resilient asset of place” whereby a mnemonic related to this concept was developed: P-people; L-land; A-ancestry; C-culture; E-experiences. Govoni, will discuss the findings of her arts-based study whereby she developed a paradigm of constructing and deconstructing one’s trauma based experience through Expressive Arts. Together, they have built an experiential process whereby participants can actively engage in an arts based experience and ground their understanding in the processes of reconstructing one’s story.

Worker Track
Saturday, March 28, 2020
9 – 10:30AM
1.5 CEs
Room 25
Presentation #81

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