Pollinating Possibilities for Becoming With 2020

Pollinating Possibilities for Becoming With with Karen Caldwell, Ph. D, Heather Thorp, Ph.D, & Christine Dave
As bees collect nectar for their own nourishment, they also provide the service of pollination to the blossoms that they visit. This receiving and giving process is part of the interconnectedness of BEEing. Bees also have a different visioning process, seeing ultraviolet light, a frequency not available to humans. In community we share and receive perceptions, creating together, as we “become with” each other. Through this creative process, our perspectives change. This can lead to a deeper connection, honoring differences and supporting both inward and outward vision. Through ceremony and celebration we honor the “becoming with” and witnessing each other. In this session we will use ritual, movement, visual art, writing, and sounding to explore the process of “becoming with” in community.

Worker Track
Saturday, March 28, 2020
2:15 – 6PM
3 CEs
Room 109
Presentation #19

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