Locating the Queen: A Journey Toward the Therapist’s Wise Mind via Arts-Based DBT 2020

Locating the Queen: A Journey Toward the Therapist’s Wise Mind via Arts-Based DBT with Melissa Craven, MA, LMFT, Primary Clinician & Cynthia Tawasha Diwan, LMFT, Primary Clinician

  • What are the edges to your practice?
  • What may be blocking your authentic self in the caregiver or therapist role?
  • How can therapy benefit the therapist?

In this experiential workshop, we will respond to these questions and introduce attendees to the mindfulness skills of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) via the expressive arts. Our intended audience is therapists and other caregivers at risk of fatigue or burnout, though any person wanting to explore a stuck area may attend. “Locating the Queen” is an intermodal, interconnected, and creative process in which participants will explore a current stressor and build perspective through arts and collaboration- enhancing the participant’s sensitivity, curiosity, and confidence in relating to stress.

DBT was developed by Marsha Linehan, PhD. Wise Mind is a concept within the mindfulness module of DBT which explores concepts of intuition and connecting to one’s wisdom- the stable queen of one’s inner hive. We will consider the ways Wise Mind can expand our sense of the larger world and reduce blocks in working with difference.

The dialectical approach involves challenging and reformulating thinking to develop a more balanced synthesis of perspectives. In our process, we will draw on the Wise Minds of our hive of participants to arrive at higher truths. We will introduce DBT skills in a way that brings them alive- as our method of teaching patients at UCSF is guided by the daring and playful spirit of EXA.

Participants will have opportunities to work individually, in dyads, and as part of a dynamic hive. We will explore facets of identity, such as internalized messages from family, community, and culture. Participants will move through various modalities including guided meditation, drama, visual art, and movement (accompanied by Arabic percussion), culminating in the creation of an altar to our collective and diverse Wise Mind queens.

Worker Track
Saturday, March 28, 2020
9AM – 12:30PM
3 CEs
Room 104
Presentation #36

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