Multi-Modal Arts as Portals to the Transpersonal Self 2020

Multi-Modal Arts as Portals to the Transpersonal Self with Maria Gonzalez-Blue, MA, REAT, REACE
Many of us are on a journey toward higher ideals in personal growth, toward finding our center amidst realities of the 21st century. We are seeking to define our spirituality, recognize our life purpose and to reach our fullest potential. Until we can move beyond conscious and unconscious structures, we will be slowed in the growth we strive for. We spend the first half of our lives being conditioned through many sources and the second half being held back by or seeking to undo that conditioning. Multi-modal expressive arts, when offered in a trusting and safe environment, can offer a portal into transpersonal aspects of the self and an opportunity to come home to ones essential nature, the authentic Self that lies beneath conditioned behaviors and outdated belief systems, systems that can create obstacles in our connection to Spirit and the joy that is our birthright.
Qualities of an environment that can encourage this excavation within a group setting are: respect for diversity, deep, generous listening, willingness to confront self and others and willingness to take risks while exploring non-verbal ways of learning. A Person-Centered environment offers an opportunity for personal depth and exploration, an acceptance, non-judgmental container that underlines respect and inclusivity. Ceremony and rituals in a group setting can offer sustained personal and community healing.
Through stress reduction techniques, silent reflection, multi-dimensional movement, writing, sharing and ritual, individuals will be guided inward to create a connection to the potential self of a near future. Inspiration for this work comes from the work of Jean Houston, Natalie Rogers and my 35-year relationship with Huichol Medicine people of Mexico.

Hive Track
Saturday, March 28, 2020
9AM – 12:30PM
3 CEs
Room 103
Presentation #52

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