CAMP: Community Arts Mural Project (tm, copyright) 2020

CAMP: Community Arts Mural Project (tm, copyright) with Gail Giunta, MA
CAMP: Community Arts Mural Project includes all participants (bees) in the Hive (the Community) to create together. For conference purposes, CAMP represents both the Worker Bee’s “Doing,” while also the Hive’s activity of Living to Live! Gail Giunta, founded CAMP on June 2, 2019, where she had an inaugural Community Arts Mural Project, for Mt. Carmel Society’s Kids Day in Verplanck, NY. Gail’s mission is bring CAMP to towns across the country to help build more peaceful, beautiful, and culturally rich communities, while building stronger relationships among community members. CAMP comes to Ottawa to help build upon the Ottawa Spirit, while bringing IEATA 2020 conference participants into the Bee Great Bee Hive of the conference which will be located in Ottawa’s art room! Gail, a Counselor-In-Training student at Ottawa, will lead in the facilitation of the construction of the Bee Hive where all members of the community (conference attendees, students, instructors, visitors, staff, etc) are welcome to join in on creating “CAMP” within the art room. Gail with guide participants in creating their own section of the “Hive” that both, represents each participants’ uniqueness while utilizing the uniformity of the honeycomb repetitious shape for the Hive. Participants will use stencil cut outs shaped as honeycombs, and will draw and paint the shapes onto the walls of the art room. Participants will work together to paint the Hive, by connecting the honeycomb stencils together to weave a communal Bee Hive mural. Participants decorate their section of the hive with words and colors that represent Community; as well as meaningful words and images that are significant to their experience at the conference. The intention for this project is to have an ongoing meaningful interaction throughout the conference where the Hive will be open during certain hours throughout the conference.

Scout Track

Saturday, March 28, 2020

9AM – 6PM (all day come-and-go session)

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