Nicki Koethner


Rise Up to the Dream of your Soul

Through movement, painting, music, poetry and working with natural elements, materials, and animal wisdom, we will connect with earth body wisdom to remember our essential natures and reclaim the dream of our souls that connect us with all of our relations. The soul dream serves as a resource to be with the imprints of the human cultural shadow of war, violence, abuse, “isms,” injustices, and separation from ourselves and each other and the earth. We will provide a safe container to grieve the impact of those societal structures on our psyche and utilize the inter-modality of the expressive arts as well as earth as a resource to process, digest, express and reconnect. We will rise up through the embodiment of our soul dream in various modalities including storytelling and building soul dream wands, shields and access the field of love and compassion, supporting our resiliency and reconnection with our bodies and the larger earth-body through guided meditation, sound healing and ritual. This is an experiential workshop in which participants will take away tools to provide cultural shadow grief-work based in trauma-informed care, eco-psychology and self-care tools to do this work from a resourced place. Applications of the work are discussed and explored while the workshop is primarily experiential.


Nikki_v1Nicki Koethner, MA, MFT is a Multi-media Artist, Expressive Arts Psychotherapist and Educator who specializes in transformation and healing through somatic-based creativity. She is devoted to playfulness, joy, embodied earth-based spirituality and transforming trauma into empowerment. She has a private practice in German and English in Berkeley. She is adjunct faculty at Sofia University, CIIS, and JFK, a supervisor at Art of Health and Healing at Contra Costa County Medical Centers (CCRMC), and former Board member of IEATA in various position. She also facilitates healing ceremonies, workshops, and rituals. You can find out more about her work at