Maria Gonzalez-Blue


Engaging Self-Awareness in Evolving Times: Shields as Power Objects

At some point you have likely been perceived as “other”,  judged for as little as the clothes you wear to deeper issues such as culture, sub-culture or the color of your skin. These judgments can instill mistrust, defensiveness and a need for protection. On either side of these judgments, we lose an opportunity to know and express the authentic self, veiled by projection, facade, and conditioning. How can someone think they know you when you yourself are changing, growing, evolving – filled with questioning, both of wonder and doubt? Using compassionate concepts of Person-Centered Approach to create a trusting environment, we will explore our blind spots, shadow material that can generate misperceptions of self and other. Guided visualization, movement, writing, art and ritual will be used to recognize and recover the innate wisdom of self. Participants will have an opportunity to create a shield that represents one’s higher consciousness and innate strengths that can be guiding forces to maneuver evolving times. With a compassionate community as a witness, we stand a better chance of recognizing and embodying our deeper essence while recognizing that we are more alike than we are different. Concepts to be explored are Natalie Rogers Creative Connection integrated arts process, Lakota talking stick for non-judgmental communication and Huichol methodology of Mexico where arts are approached through prayer and intention, affirming the creative process as sacred. A community piece will be created to deliver a global message that celebrates the beauty of our planet’s diversity. 

Optional: Bring lightweight found objects, photos, sculpting materials, etc.


MariaGonzalesBlueMaria Gonzalez-Blue is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and Consultant/Educator. As a board member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, she co-authored the first international registration procedures for Expressive Arts Consultant/Educators, desiring to expand the reach of the arts. She worked alongside Natalie Rogers at the Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute for 12 years and has been teaching Person-Centered Expressive Arts in various venues since 1992. With roots in Mexico, she is bilingual and has taught in Mexico, Guatemala, and Argentina. A 30-year relationship with Huichol shamans from Mexico has influenced her work and her commitment to the arts as a doorway to spiritual exploration.