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Embodied Self-Expression and Creative Ways of Knowing: Expressive Arts for Personal Growth and in Community

Expressive Arts at John F Kennedy University is folded into the general curriculum of Holistic Studies where the whole person, their sense of the world, their inner and outer lives are explored through art and conscious awareness.  At JFKU we explore where we come from, where we are now, and where we hope to go as part of our therapeutic training and as a philosophy or working with our clients in the future.  A key to our teaching philosophy is the power of the learning community.  We are who we are as individuals, but also as we intersect with others.  Looking at ourselves in relationship to the world around us, our families of origin, and our connections to others helps us grow in self-knowledge, compassion, and emphatic understanding.  In this workshop, the faculty at JFKU will invite participants to explore in community, different ways of knowing, reaching and connecting and ways of being in the world with intention.  Through a multi-modal arts-based exploration, we hope that each participant will find insight into their own lives and the world around them.

This workshop will begin with an issue of concern to the participant and move through different modalities over the course of the day, including visual art, sculpture, writing, active imagination, and movement, in a sort of aesthetic response to oneself, allowing the concern to be unfolded, explored, and ultimately transformed through the creative process. This process will also be enriched by partner and group aesthetic response, work in dyads, and group witnessing.


DoreenMallerDoreen Maller is an Associate Professor and Associate Chair at John F Kennedy University’s Counseling Psychology Specializations; Holistic Studies as well as an MFT in Private Practice.  She holds a Ph.D. in Transformative Learning and Change and a Master’s In Expressive Arts Counseling. Her publications and presentations indicate her broad interests in Academic and Clinical Humility, Expressive Arts, Juvenile Justice Reform, Post-Modern Feminism, Families and Addiction and Community Mental Health.  She is the series editor of Praeger Handbook of Community Mental Health and The Pragaer Handbook of Mental Health and the Aging Community.  Prior to a mid-career shift to service, Dr. Maller had a fruitful career in the private sector culminating with a Vice Presidency at Gap, Inc.


Jacob Kaminker is Associate Professor and Program Director for the Expressive Arts Therapy and Depth and Transpersonal Psychotherapy Specializations at JFK University. He is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and sees psychotherapy clients as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice (PSY 26445) in Berkeley, CA. 

He is Vice President of the John F Kennedy University Faculty Senate, Associate Managing Editor for the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, and has served on the Board of Directors of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, the Association of Transpersonal Psychology, and as President of the San Francisco Psychological Association.

He has been featured on KTVU, the Bay Area Fox television affiliate and has been interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle. His research and publications have been in the areas of mindfulness, self-compassion, spiritual diversity issues in clinical practice, dreams, and imagination. He has presented internationally on dreams, imagination, and spiritual diversity. www.jacobkaminker.com

Albert_WongDr. Albert Wong is an Associate Professor and Core Faculty in the Holistic Counseling Psychology Program at JFK University. A former Marshall Scholar, he has longstanding interests in the intersection of performance art, somatics, psychotherapy, and scalable technology. He served as residential staff at the Esalen Institute for five years. He has been featured on PBS, in Time Magazine, and in the book The American Soul Rush. His work has been published in titles ranging from the scientific journal Biological Cybernetics to the book anthology Radical Spirit. One of his film projects, Step One Breathe, was named Best Drama at the Maryville Film Festival. He was educated at Princeton, Oxford, and the University of Tennessee and is the recipient of numerous national science awards (Westinghouse Science Talent Scholarship, Goldwater Scholarship).  He has a private practice that specializes in couples therapy: www.dralbertwong.com


John F. Kennedy University is a fully accredited, nonprofit university offering innovative and nationally recognized programs that help students realize personal and professional growth. Our collaborative learning environment challenges students to expand their intellect and prepare them to contribute to their profession and community. Our focus on personalized attention provides students resources and support during their studies and beyond as alumni. And our practical approach to learning enables students to apply and refine their skills before graduation.

JFK University’s Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology—Holistic provides the unique opportunity for students to obtain a license-eligible degree from an accredited university while specializing in transpersonal, somatic, or arts-based practices. The program emphasizes a client-centered approach that teaches students to place trust in the client’s innate health and inner guiding wisdom.

The Expressive Arts include dance, visual art, music, drama, and poetry. Incorporating expressive arts into psychotherapy allows clients to draw upon the reciprocal relationship between body and mind. The Expressive Arts Specialization takes a Jungian approach, emphasizing the power of the image to bring insight and transformation.

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