Cynthia Winton-Henry
Phil PorterInterplayInterPlay: Art, Social Change and The Wisdom of the Body

Experience the key ideas and practices of InterPlay, an active, creative approach to playfully reorient people to the wisdom of the body. This improv system is one you can take anywhere - stages, boardrooms, classrooms, hospitals, family life. A secret is in the small clear steps that allow InterPlay leaders to reliably cultivate and celebrate diverse life experiences in the community. Another secret is in the art of noticing and witnessing. Everyone’s body spirit is welcome and affirmed as an authority in relation to their own experience. By developing personal and community freedom through movement, story, sound, and stillness – our human birthright practices, InterPlay emphasizes what the body wants. It can be used for a community performance, in therapeutic contexts, educational and ritual settings, just about anywhere people want to honor the wisdom of the body and have more fun! Considered an innovative practice by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services, InterPlayers of color, millennials, and leaders across disciplines today bring InterPlay to academia and to the street. Committed to racial equity and transformation, InterPlay offers 4REAL laboratories, (Racial Equity Action Laboratories) where leaders and participants seek embodied strategies and wisdom for transforming the challenges of racism with an eye to the world we want to create.

InterPlay is an active, creative approach to unlock the wisdom of the body for our
time. A global improv system that goes anywhere–stages, boardrooms,
classrooms, hospitals, family life, InterPlay fosters personal and communal
freedom through movement, story, sound, and stillness – our birthright practices.
Learn secrets that InterPlay leaders use to return artful body wisdom to
academia, shelters, community performance, therapeutic contexts, education,
and spiritual practice. Explore it as a go-to practice and ready community for
rebooting happiness, peace, and joy.


CythiaPhil_InterplayInterPlay Co-founders Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter began developing the InterPlay practice and philosophy in 1989. They have shared it around the world ever since as co-directors of Body Wisdom, Inc. based in Oakland, California. Their active creative approach to unlocking the wisdom of the body is experienced in the  InterPlay Life Practice Program. Certification occurs in the  Leader Training Program. Their books include Move: What the Body Wants; Having it All!: Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit Together Again at Last; The Slightly Mad Rantings of a Body Intellectual Part One and Dance: The Sacred Art.