Ebony Williams

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Ragdolls & Writing: Transforming Trauma, Facilitating Growth

In the Ragdoll Project process, doll making and writing merge to address a range of adverse life experiences. With the use of simple raw materials, participants will be introduced to the use of doll making as a tool to process trauma and life transitions while strengthening social, emotional, and cognition skills. In addition, participants will learn about the theoretical orientations underlying this model, and the application of crafting/making as a culturally relevant approach to addressing trauma and transitions across identities, culture, and family structure.

Participants are asked to bring:

  • a notebook
  • a piece of clothing from or image of someone who has been important/supportive,
  • an inspirational quote or music lyrics
  • any other materials that you would like to add to your doll. 

All other materials will be provided.  No previous sewing or crafting experience required.

Please Note: This session may elicit strong emotions however support and appropriate referrals will be provided as needed. In addition, to facilitate the full Ragdoll Project protocol, one must obtain certification, which this workshop does not provide.


EbonyWilliamsEbony Williams is a queer, Buddhist, first-generation, woman of color who earned an MFA in writing from California Institute of the Arts where she developed the Ragdoll Project, an interdisciplinary doll making and healing project. Ebony also earned a masters in Marriage and Family Studies, specializing in African American Family Studies from Pacific Oaks College.  Ebony is also a certified trauma-informed yoga instructor trained through Cloud 9 Yoga and earned a certification in Social Emotional Arts and Healing through UCLArts and Healing Initiative. Currently, Ebony is a trauma therapist working to support survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence through individual and group therapy along with leading weekly trauma-informed yoga. Ebony is also the founder of Root Wellness Healing offering individual yoga and meditation along with trauma-informed critical healing and education workshops. In her spare time, Ebony enjoys knitting/crocheting, boba, and enjoying good food in LA.