Deborah Koff-Chapin




Gazing into an Inner Mirror Through Touch Drawing

How does one strengthen their deepest identity as human while also honoring the many facets of their identity in a complex world? Participants will explore this question through Touch Drawing, a simple yet profound method of creating images. The touch of fingertips on paper that is placed upon paint, forms Impressions on the underside of the page. Focusing attention on expressing inner sensations, hands dance on the paper, opening a portal for the fluid inner self to take form on the page. After getting comfortable with the process, participants will be instructed to bring their focus to their face. As if gazing into an inner mirror, multiple faces will be invited to emerge, each expressing a different aspect of their being. Deepening into the process, a timeless, universal sense of self will be encouraged to appear. Participants will then reflect upon the series of drawings through writing, honoring each aspect of themselves that has taken form. They will select a drawing to internalize through movement, strengthening a presence that has emerged from their depths. The workshop will close with a discussion on how the process of Touch Drawing can be applied to participants’ specific areas of interest. Touch Drawing is a surprisingly accessible process and can be used in a broad range of settings. No artistic confidence is needed! Additional materials fee of $10 required.


DeborahKoffChapinDeborah Koff-Chapin BFA has been developing Touch Drawing since she came upon it in a creative inspiration in 1974. She has taught the process at conferences and graduate programs internationally, including CIIS, JFKU, Hong Kong University, and the Findhorn Foundation. Deborah is the creator of the best-
selling decks SoulCards 1&2 and SoulTouch Coloring Journals. She is the author of Drawing Out Your Soul and The Touch Drawing Facilitator Workbook. Deborah has served as Interpretive Artist at numerous conferences, including the Parliament of the Worlds Religions. Find out more at