Daria Halprin


Dancing What Matters: Echoes between Individual, Community and World (BBS CEUs offered)

Participants will have an opportunity to explore connections and create embodied dialogues between personal life experience with the challenging and healing meta-narratives that live in our bodies, communities, and world. The Tamalpa Life/ Art Process, an innovative and internationally recognized body of work since the 1950’s, brings together somatic, artistic, educational and therapeutic

practices in training and public programs. With an international training and student body, Tamalpa ArtCorps, our arts, and social justice initiative sponsors diversity training scholarships and community creativity and healing projects in the US and abroad. See https://www.tamalpa.org/tamalpa-artcorps/

Interweaving movement/ dance, narrative poetry, visual art, voice, arts-based witnessing and communication practices, participants will have an opportunity to meet this intermodal arts approach while exploring themes that are personally and collective meaningful. We will dive deep, immerse in the arts, play and create in collaboration with others. Specific ways in which personal and community healing can be imagined, experienced and facilitated will be presented. Come prepared to sense, feel, imagine, to dance, creative write, draw, speak and sing the stories of life and healing.



Daria Halprin [ http://www.dariahalprin.org]: dancer, poet, teacher, and author, is among the leading pioneers in the field of movement/dance and expressive arts education and therapy. She was part of the original group of institute leaders and expressive arts educators who began IEATA. In 1978 Daria co-founded the Tamalpa Institute  [www.tamalpa.org) with Anna Halprin, where she directs training programs in movement/dance and expressive arts education, consultancy and therapy. She teaches in educational, health and art centers throughout the world. Her work bridges the fields of somatic psychology, movement/dance therapy, expressive arts therapy,  community based arts and health education, organizational consultancy, leadership development,  social change, and performance. Bringing a life-long practice in the arts to her work, published writings include and appear in : Coming Alive; The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy; Expressive Arts Therapy: Principles and Practices, Poesis: Essays On the Future of the Field; Body Ensouled, Enacted and Entranced, Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities; de l’une`a l’autre ContreDanse.